Booking Drum Brothers or it's members

If you’d like to hire Drum Brothers, the Musical Dreamtime Journey, or the members of these groups, please Contact Us with your inquiry.

Please include the desired performance date(s), region, and venue.

Because of our full schedule, we recommend that you contact us well in advance of your desired date (Although, occasionally we do have openings on short notice).

For promotional materials, please refer to our Media Kit. We have additional materials available on request which include: a CD, photos, press clippings, bio information, and testimonials.

Our groups and members are also available for a variety of Workshops & Classes. Ask us about presenting a class, clinic, or workshop while we’re in your area.

"It was the greatest assembly we've ever had," exclaimed one of my students immediately following the awesome and extraordinary performance by the Drum Brothers. Our auditorium stage was the site of this most excellent musical adventure on Wednesday afternoon.

As the group's title might imply, a very unusual collection of drums was used to create a distinctive West African atmosphere during this 60-munute extravaganza.

Sponsored by our PTASG and brought to our fair town by the Lewistown Art Center, this performance literally had our students dancing in the aisles. The vibrant rhythms and the energized sounds were reason enough to bring a pulsating throng of our students to the area just in front of the stage during two of the selections."

- Pat Hould, Principle, Lewistown Jr. High

"The Drum Brothers residency was by far the most successful we've had here in years. Not only did they generate amazing enthusiasm and excitement among the students, but they were able to reach elements of the community not served by most of our other artist residencies - teachers, counselors, and at-risk youth as well as adults. Their musical impression will last a long time, as will their positive message of Rhythm, Music, and Consciousness."

-- Frank Roncalio, Executive Director - Pinedale Fine Arts Council

"This January (2005) the Drum Brothers concert in Seeley Lake brought 2 Valleys Stage our first full house. Folks in their eighties down to eight year olds enjoyed the concert. The exciting rhythms and energy of the musicians enticed everyone to join in the call and response numbers clapping out rhythms and singing back chants. High school girls and a few of us older patrons enthusiastically answered the invitation to dance on the sidelines. Many were surprised and delighted that the Drum Brothers program included the mellow harmony of the four male voices that graced many numbers and the soulful Soprano Sax and lyrical flute played by Lawrence Duncan.

The Drum Brothers' wonderful out reach programs in our schools and community prior to the concert added new fans to those fans already excitedly waiting for the Drum Brothers concert in Seeley Lake. Drum Brothers members gave exciting drumming workshops that got classes of gradeschoolers and highschoolers enthusiastically beating out complicated rhythms. Drum Brothers have a way of giving their students an excitement for the complicated rhythms they introduce and a new ability to play them. ..."

- Peggy Meinholtz, Alpine Artisans,2 Valleys Stage, School coordinator