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The Rhythm Experience

Team building and community events for corporations and organizations


There are rhythms pulsing within us and around us, through our breath and heartbeat, and through the dance of our lives in the world. Since the dawn of human culture, drums and percussion have been used as a tool for expression, communication, and celebration.

The Drum Brothers Rhythm Experience is an interactive team building event for all ages and abilities. With the guidance of skilled facilitators, participants are taught simple rhythms on a variety of drums and percussion instruments. In a matter of minutes, the group will be playing simple polyrhythms, individual drum patterns that when played together, form a beautiful, complex, and cohesive whole. It's an experience of group collaboration, harmony, and active listening, and a metaphor for successful community. The sound of many drums playing together is powerful and evocative. And the sense of unity and connection that grows between participants can be profound. A goal of the Rhythm Experience is to bring everyone together equally, regardless of gender, race, status, or other differences, and at the same time, to bring out the unique qualities of each individual part played.

Group drumming can remove hierarchical or other barriers that may exist in an organization, modeling a powerful example of cooperation and teamwork. It also imparts an important skill needed for successful group dynamics: the ability to express ones self (in this case, a drum beat) while also listening deeply to what others are saying (playing) and finding common ground (the underlying pulse that all the parts share). In addition, new research has shown that drumming reduces stress and generates feelings of relaxation and focus. On top of all of these profound and important learning experiences, drumming exists as total lighthearted fun!


The Rhythm Experience is a unique event that can help participants to step out of their "comfort zone" into an experience of creative play, spontaneity, and exploration.

Drum Brothers are available to present the Rhythm Experience in a variety of settings including conferences, retreats, banquets, or special events.

How to utilize the Drum Brothers Rhythm Experience in your organization: as a stand alone workshop or class in team building and group cooperation; to help establish the tone or theme for a conference or other event; to generate energy, enthusiasm, and connection in a new group, or revitalize and reconnect an existing one; to offer a playful yet educational break from long meetings and hours of left brain activities, greatly improving a group's energy and focus.

"Our group's work with the Drum Brothers brought us closer than the entire day's activities aimed at doing so. They are encouraging, innovative and the language of music they share speaks to every participant -- even the most recalcitrant -- to help bring about unity and focus of purpose. Highly recommended!"

- Dianna Michaels / Executive Assistant Mount Carmel Hospital, Colville, Washington

Drum Brothers Performances

Click here to listen to Drum Brothers in live performance

Drum Brothers have been in the forefront of the American hand drumming movement since it began in the early 1990s. In addition to years of group facilitation and educational experience, Drum Brothers are seasoned performers who also offer uplifting and inspirational performances. These high energy shows feature, African and Middle Eastern drums and percussion, harmony vocals, ethnic wind instruments, guitar, and Australian didgeridoo. They also are adept at facilitating audience participation, an important component of their performances.
A performance by Drum Brothers can be a great addition before or after a Rhythm Experience event, especially at conferences or banquet events.

"Engaging event for our employee retreat, even those who were "trying" to not participate found themselves engaged and beating the rhythm. We found Matthew to be a great facilitator and made everyone, even those who find risk and "being out there" uncomfortable, engaged in the drumming. He is very gentle in coaxing and leading the sessions. It was the perfect ending to our day long employee retreat for team building.   Thanks for everything."

- Susan Burmeister / PI-RM Coordinator St. Joseph's Hospital, Chewelah, Washington

Musical Atmospheres


Sometimes an event can be best supported and enhanced by musical atmospheres rather than a performance in a concert setting. Members of Drum Brothers and Mandir can be available singly, in pairs or trios, or as a full group, to provide custom music to set the tone of a meeting, conference, or retreat.

Here are some examples to consider: Contemplative music for breaks or quite time; Background music to support narration; spoken word, or visual presentations; Music for wakeup or community gathering; Facilitation of group music-making or sing-alongs.

We offer a variety of instrumental textures including: classical and acoustic guitar, world percussion, bassoon, flutes, soprano saxophone, Celtic harp, violin, didgeridoo, and voice. We're also very open to playing specific styles and flavors of music when it's requested and enjoy collaborating with presenters to sequence the best possible music and mood for each event.

"I am so glad the Drum Brothers are continuing their wonderful work. We definitely want them to come back next year for the Consistent Culture Retreat. Its fun to observe what happens to a group when music is in the room, especially drums. Everyone catches the rhythm of the drums and gets in touch with something deeper within themselves. You see it on peoples faces.  It is fun but also very reflective - almost a spiritual experience. The other thing I loved about them is that they sense the rhythm, the charisma of the group and honor it. They stayed the whole day and made all the difference."

- Barb Savage / Vice President for Mission Services
Providence Health Care, Spokane, Washington